Byways Initial Consultation

Byways Open To All Traffic (BOATs) ER122, ER185 and ER25, Alkham, Dover and Shepway District Council Area.

The management of BOAT’s is one of the more contentious issues that the Public Rights of Way and Access Service is faced with.

The DEFRA publication “Making the Best of Byways 2005” provided a great deal of practical advice for Highway Authorities, vehicular and non-vehicular user groups and landowners about the management of byways.

Suggested actions for Authorities with an extensive byway network include:

 the creation of a mechanism for direct liaison with recreational motor vehicle users

 transparent policies to manage byways, including applying Traffic Regulation Orders.

In order to address the above two points a Byway Management Working Group was established for the County. The group now operates as a Byways and Highways sub group of the Kent Countryside Access Forum, to:

  1. Advise the County Council on proposals for the management of BOAT’s.
  2. Advise the County Council on recommendations for the management of individual BOAT’s brought forward by the Public Rights of Way and Access Service.

The Forum is an independent statutory body the role of which is to advise on access matters. 2

BOATs ER122, ER185 and ER25 have been identified as a priority for consideration by the Public Rights of Way and Access Service. A report will be produced for the KCAF Byways and Highways sub-group making recommendations for the future management of these routes.

I am writing to all of those I believe have an interest in BOATs ER122, ER185 and ER25, or have previously expressed views about how BOATs should be managed, seeking observations, views and any background information that may be relevant. I am keen that this consultation is as inclusive as possible so please feel free to circulate this letter to others if you feel that they may wish to contribute. The information received will assist the Service in considering how the routes may be best managed in the future.

Please could I ask that you let me have any information or observations that you would like me to take into consideration by the 16 March 2018.

I won’t be able to reply to any comments individually, but all will be considered and referred to in my report. Before responding, should you require further information or clarification on any point please contact me.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Hutchinson

East Kent Area Manager

Public Rights Of Way & Access Service

Byways initial consultation letter


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