Alkham Community Led Parish Plan Questionnaire

Dear Fellow Residents,
The Parish Plan has a very important role to play in setting out a vision for our community. Supported by Kent County Council and Dover District Council our Plan could be used in the formulation of local planning and development policies. This questionnaire is a key part in the process of developing our Parish Plan, and therefore it is important that you take it seriously.

This questionnaire has been based on the comments and responses made at the Parish Plan consultation open day. The questions focus on what facilities we want for our Parish, what to maintain, and what to seek improvement on. With your help, we can build an inclusive social community within our Parish. Parents, guardians and carers, please encourage younger household members to have their say. Their views are important. They are our future.

Responses will be treated as confidential and the Alkham Parish Planning Group will not associate any published results with a specific household.

Fully completing this questionnaire entitles you to be entered into a Prize Draw to win a cash prize. One £50 prize for adults and two £25 prizes for young people 12 to 18 years old. Please complete this questionnaire and post all returns in the stamped addressed envelope provided. You can also post in the Village Hall suggestions box, or contact the Parish clerk to arrange collection if you require assistance.

The deadline date for completion and return of the questionnaire is 30th April 2019.  Please click here for more information

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