Alkham Community Led Plan- An Introduction

So what is this plan all about? Heard some local talk about it but it does not involve me? I do not go to local council meetings; they will not listen to me anyway. Council will decide what they want to put into the plan, not what I want. Why should I bother? I am interested but where can I get more information from? How can I get my voice heard?

A sample of some of the current conversations going on within the Parish concerning the community led plan. So how best can we help address these concerns in a meaningful way?

Well, as a first step towards increasing community awareness and better understanding, over the next few weeks we intend to post here a series of related articles outlining what the community led plan is all about?

Each post will focus on different aspects of the plan and how you in the community can play an important role in its inception and development.

The plan can cover all things important to your local community, and will set out how council can address the issues raised in each area, and what the collective community can do to make their areas better.

It is essential that the plan is inclusive, and embraces all of the vibrant , diverse communities located within the Alkham Parish boundary. That includes residents and businesses located in the  village centre, Slip and Short Lane, Meggett and Hogbrook, Ewell Minnis, South Alkham, to name just a few. It is about all local residents, wherever you live.

It is your plan- and we are organising a series of events over the next few months to give you a unique, personal, opportunity to voice your individual views and opinions that are important to you.

Remember! – it is your plan, your voice, and your future.

Watch this website to catch the next posted article. Many thanks.

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