Alkham Community Plan – Your Voice. Your Future

In this second article ,we background how the plan came about, and how you are important to its success.

The Alkham Parish Council made a resolution at the 3rd July, 2017, meeting to prepare a Community Led Parish Plan for the Alkham Parish. The plan to identify the local vision of how residents would like to see parish changes in the coming years. The plan to be led by the community, and to reflect identified needs of the whole parish.

The development of the plan (now renamed as the Alkham Parish Plan) is overseen by the Parish Council (PC) via an advisory committee, which includes volunteers from the community. The advisory committee have held several meetings since inception, reporting directly back to PC their recommendations for discussion and resolution, going forward.

One of the prime recommendations made, is the essential need for PC to get the Parish community on board.

We have to be honest and make sure that there is enough local interest and commitment, with enough residents willing to help develop the plan. And this means that the Parish community need to be involved right from the start, and be kept fully informed.

Mindful of this consideration, given the importance of the plan outcomes impacting on Alkham parish residents future, it is intended to hold a community consultation day event in the Village Hall, on the 1st September, 2018.

The event will offer the opportunity to all of the parish community to come down and express their individual views and opinions on issues that are important to them. An opportunity for your voice to be heard; an opportunity to help shape and determine your future.

The results from the day will help the advisory committee to find out what the Parish community wants, and help them to work with you to incorporate those identified needs within the Alkham Parish Plan.

To help facilitate the process, prior to the event, we will be available at the coming Alkham Fete promoting local interest in the plan through posters and information handouts.

Without your interest there cannot be an Alkham Parish Plan.

Use this opportunity to get your voice heard, and help shape your future.

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