The Alkham Valley Society

The Alkham Valley Society

Founded in 1977 for the public benefit, its purpose was “to stimulate public interest in the valley which is an area of outstanding natural beauty, to safeguard and preservation of environment for the enjoyment of residents, visitors and users of the Alkham valley and to protect the surrounding countryside of the valley” for future generations.

This mission is as valid today as then, if not more so. The closer we have to live together the more important it is to behave responsibly out of respect for our neighbours and the environment, sadly not all users of the valley act responsibly and that has a negative impact on the natural environment for other users.

The Society today is still principally concerned with maintaining the valley as an area of outstanding natural beauty for all, whilst also covering other matters within the valley such as campaigning;

  • for Kent Public Rights of Way (PROW) to maintain all byways and paths in the valley to an acceptable standard for all users.
  • for restricted traffic orders on certain byways within the valley where required.
  • against any inappropriate or illegal development within the Valley either business or residential.
  • against encroachment of new residential developments from beyond its boundaries into the valley.
  • for the introduction of traffic calming control measures throughout the Alkham Valley Road for the safety of all users, be they residents, walkers or Horse riders.

We are always seeking new members and the Society invites anyone who has an interest in the Valley, be they residents, ramblers, dog walkers or horse riders, who would like to help the Society maintain the essence and preservation of the Valley.

If you would like to support the Society in its aims please contact us at or to become a member send a cheque* for £5 per person or £10 per household payable to Alkham Valley Society to:

The Treasurer
Alkham Valley Society
Greenwood Manor
Slip Lane
CT15 7EF

*Please include your full name and address on the back of the cheque together with an email address so that we can keep you fully informed of the Society’s activities and campaigns.

Enjoy the Valley and help us keep it for future generations to enjoy!

Bev Hubbard
On behalf of the Committee of the Society.