Alkham Riparian Owners

Alkham Riparian Owners
The ditch that runs through the center of Alkham Village plays a crucial role in keeping flood water flowing safely through the village and valley. Without it, the risk of flooding from flash floods and the periodic drellingore water flows, would have a significant hazardous impact on the safety of houses and the Alkham Valley road. Flood water finds its own level, and if not safely managed can cause significant damage and risk to residents and the public.
With Autumn on us and Winter approaching, now is the time to check out the section of ditch that you may have a direct responsibility for as a riparian owner. It is essential that all riparian owners play their part in doing this, it is no good cleaning just one section of the ditch, it needs to be done throughout its length to ensure the free flow of water.
You may not be aware that you are a riparian owner, or not sure of what that entails in terms of your direct responsibilities.Certainly, those responsibilities can be worrying and stressful if you are elderly or lack funding to be able to tackle the work.
As Alkham Flood Warden that is where I can help to provide support and guidance. I am currently in touch with KCC Highways flood management team seeking information on their riparian ownership of the Alkham ditch, and ensuring that the various culverts,drains and silt traps that they have a direct responsibility for are regularly inspected and maintained. I am also exploring other help that they may be able to provide to assist riparian owners who are unable to tackle the work directly themselves, because of the reasons mentioned earlier.
Attached to this message is a watercourse guidance. It outlines riparian ownership and responsibilities,and has been adopted and approved by KCC. I am sure you will find it useful. Should you have any questions or queries please contact me via the Parish Clerk.
Martin Hibbert
Alkham Flood Warden

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