Poor Broadband Service – East Alkham

Determined and persistent enquiries by residents of ‘ Mo – Dachaidh’ , concerned about poor broadband coverage, has resulted in a reply from Broadband Project Manager, George Chandler.

He has responded positively, in a comprehensive letter which outlines the current broadband coverage status, the reasons behind it, and possible future options and projects for moving forwards to a better service. Attached to the letter was a plan showing the affected properties in East Alkham, and these residents have also been made aware of the latest positive outcome options available.

In his letter,George has made the offer to clarify anything which is unclear, and is happy to meet with affected residents, should they like to have a more detailed discussion. Contact details are: George Chandler, Broadband Project Manager,Economic Development,Invicta House, Maidstone. Mobile – 07841 315582.

If other residents in Alkham are experiencing similar broadband issues please contact George Chandler direct, copies of his letter are available on e-mail request.

Many thanks to the residents who brought this matter to our attention – more importantly its only through your consistent efforts that you have achieved a significant result – well done!


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