The Parish Plan – Your Village Needs You!

On Saturday 1st September you are invited to come along to the Village Hall and have some input to the Alkham Parish Plan. The Parish Council would like to know what your vision for the future of Alkham is over the next few years, and they want it to be a community led plan – so this is where you come in.

Over the next few months there will be a variety of occasions for you to help formulate the plan, ranging from questionnaires, focus groups, one to one meetings, etc. Also you can e-mail, text, write a letter, use the Alkham website, or any other method of communication. The important things is to make sure you have all the  opportunities to have your say.

The first event is Saturday 1st September, Village Hall, 10:00am til 4:00pm. If you cannot make it let us know, and we will arrange to come and see you – that’s how important it is! We may also be able to set up a short repeat opportunity on the following Monday.

Den Barnard 824845, Martin Hibbert 07796444860, Dave Beaney 825355


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